Welcome to Word of the Day!



This site is still work in progress… But we are working hard in bringing all the “Word of the Day” activies together here…

An easier way for all of you to keep up to date. And less clutter on our four blogs.

Hang on, the brand new “Word of the Day Challenge” is coming to you soon!


Dee, Kate, Kristian & Cyranny

21 thoughts on “Welcome to Word of the Day!

  1. So glad you created a single site. I was a bit confused about pingbacks and not knowing which site I was getting the prompt just added to the confusion in my already addled brain! I LOVE the prompts.

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    1. Sorry for the delay… Thank you for your enthusiasm 🙂 🙂 🙂 It is good to see people joining in day after day! Really making all of this worth the time spent here! xx

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  2. Er? Are you going to post all your past Word links here? I got some emails today requesting that I publish the link, but I don’t see the POSTS listed here yet. I’ll monitor the situation. Thanks! 🙂

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  3. Example: “Frantic”. I was asked to change my link to that page, but it says “comments closed” on there and the pingback doesn’t work… Maybe I’m missing a step….

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    1. Sorry for the delay, Embeecee… Are you still having problems linking in your pingbacks? If so, get in touch with me via the “contact” page above, and I’ll check that with you in private 🙂


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