Problems with pingbacks?


Hello fellow wordsmiths!

Just a short note this morning to report that we had pingback problems the last couple of days, with at least two people trying to link their posts to the Word of the Day. In one of the cases, the link was available this morning (Magic!!), but in the other, I had to contact WordPress’ technical support. I am waiting for their follow up on this glitch, but I am wondering if other people might have had similar problems with pingbacks?

If you did, please take a little minute to let us know!

This blog has been created to bring people together and to share your words! If for some reason, links don’t show up, just drop us a note, so we can check the reason.

A most lovely Friday to all!


Cyranny xx

P.S. If you have some trouble with your pingbacks, or if you need advice, or information about the “how to”, visit our Rules & Tips page, now available in the header!



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