One month already!



Happy Sunday, dear fellow wordsmiths!

Today is a special day for our blog… A month ago, following Dee‘s kind invitation, our improvised team was starting up this project of giving people who used to enjoy WordPress’ Daily Post an alternative challenge.

Let’s face it, it could have totally flopped. You never know how things will turn out when you hit the “publish” button, in our beloved Bloggosphere.

Yet I am sure my teammates would agree… It is a frank success, so far! And there is only one reason for this; your participation! It is the sum of all your poems, your stories, all the bits and pieces of your life you came to share with us.

So, a very warm thank you to each and everyone of you! Thank you for visiting, for “liking” and for leaving your links, when our prompts inspired you.

Today, if you like the Word of the Day Challenge, please take a moment to spread the word to your readers… The more the merrier, they say!

To DeeKate and Kristian… Thank you for letting me be part of this adventure! And thank you for your hard work! Cheers to each of you, and here’s to many other months of fun bringing this challenge to as many bloggers as possible!


Happy first month, Word of the Day Challenge !!


Cyranny xx


16 thoughts on “One month already!

  1. you’re so very sweet Cyranny, and thanks Dee for igniting the spark!

    Have you seen how many people are posting prompts these day, seems like every other blogger so there is a real plethora of choices and many are weaving several together …

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      1. Read that link thanks Cyranny … Fandango uses nice simple words but best of all he actually reads and comments on those who respond to his prompts!
        I do this but I only prompt once a week … haven’t noticed my daily prompts being commented on by the person who selected the prompt so maybe our team could be more responsive to those who post on their prompt?
        It’s a huge ask but that personal connection is important to keep people involved …

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      2. I totally agree Kate, I was in fact about to email you three to discuss this… I haven’t been able to keep a close follow up of the pingbacks on the words I posted, but it is part of my new blogging plans. I feel too that every writer that takes time to participate deserves that we do a follow up, and I intend to do it, at least for “my” words….

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      3. Really appreciate that Cyranny as that is exactly what I’ve been doing with ‘my’ Tuesday words … but one a week is far easier than two and I have noticed that pingbacks are not being responded to 😦

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      4. I will get to it for sure… I am just still adjusting to my “come back” 😛 It is just fair that we make that effort… Writers deserve this much 🙂

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