Today’s Word of the Day is Dingy.

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25 thoughts on “Dingy

  1. Hello, Dee 🙂 I’m probably being a pain in the behind, but maybe you can clear up my confusion on a perhaps minor issue. In the Reader, your Word of the Day Challenge shows up twice, 2 posts: once with your current word prompt, and I again find there’s a second post for the same word prompt–but as with the other occurrence I mentioned to you earlier, again it shows the tag “nefarious”. I’m curious why there are 2 posts for your Word of the Day Challenge–is it a WordPress “glitch” in the system, do you think? If so, then it’s completely out of your control, I understand 🙂


    1. No worries. The word of the day is posted on the “Word of the Day” blog and then I repost it on mine. I post to Word of the Day on Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays and other people post the rest of the week. That’s probably why you’re seeing the word twice. You can link to either or both posts. As for Nefarious….I probably made a mistake while posting and then didn’t correct it the right way… WordPress can be persnickety. 🙂


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