The Word of the Day is Instigate.

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  1. bring about or initiate (an action or event).
    “they instigated a reign of terror”
    synonyms: set in motion, put in motion, get under way, get going, get off the ground, get in operation, startbegininitiatelaunchinstitute, lay the foundations of, lay the first stone of, sow the seeds of, set up, inauguratefoundestablish, put in place, organize, get working, get functioning, activateMore

    • incite someone to do something, especially something bad.
      “instigating men to refuse allegiance to the civil powers”
      synonyms: inciteencourageurgegoadprovoke, spur on, drive on, egg on, enticestimulatepushpressprodpromptinduceimpel, prevail upon, constrainmotivatemakeinfluencepersuadeswayMore