Cadavre Exquis – It’s a start!



Dear fellow wordsmiths,

Following my invitation to play Cadavre Exquis, many of you expressed the will to join in, and participate to either the story challenge, the poetry challenge, or in some cases, both.

I will be starting to contact each participant when their turn comes up, to gather each puzzle piece, and put them together. Sooner than later, I’ll post the result of both challenges, and I am not worried the least bit that they both will be worth reading!

In the meanwhile, I just wanted to give a little shout-out to our participants! Please note that I changed the order of the lists, so that no one can guess who wrote what, when the puzzles will be ready to publish!



Story Challenge



Emily Henderson


Logical Dreamer


The Abject Muse

Melanie B Cee

Froggy Crochet

Christine Goodnough




Poetry Challenge



The Bag Lady

The Abject Muse

Melanie B Cee





The undetermined participants

If your name is in this list, I don’t know yet your preference of challenge, please let me know as soon as possible 🙂


Brutus Richmond


Crushed Caramel


If you wanted to participate, but are not on this list, please contact me, either through the comment box, or via our “Contact” page!

I hope everybody will have fun with this, and that many will enjoy the result of it!






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