17 thoughts on “Country

  1. Here in the United States, our country is going to hell in a handbasket. It’s a casual observation, undeserving of a blog post because it’s blatently obvious. Just wanted to let everyone know.


  2. Hi. Here is my offering to Today’s Word of the Day – Country. A poem / On the Edge of Worlds.

    On the edge of worlds
    Hiding ’neath night’s dark shadows
    Fleeing ones country

    Courage torture laced
    Babies suckle mother’s breasts
    How the ocean swells

    Dreams drift on the waves
    Freedoms whispered illusions
    Painted in gold’s blood

    Waiting for the boat
    Misery’s sufferings scream
    Dark drowned in silence

    A dim light flickers
    Voices echo through the mist
    Torrents of fear race

    Into the unknown
    Fleeing hate’s atrocities
    On the edge of worlds

    Here is the link – https://goffjamesart.wordpress.com/2020/03/06/poetry-on-the-edge-of-worlds-a-poem-by-goff-james/.

    Have a great day.


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