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*   Grack·le
A songbird of the American blackbird family, the male of which has shiny black plumage with a blue-green sheen.

Image is property of Marilyn Armstrong.  Read about Grackles and see some top-notch photography by clicking here.


19 thoughts on “W.O.T.D.C. GRACKLE

  1. I have noticed their colors before when I see them in our local Walmart eating trash. They are scavengers and people are pigs, so they will always have food, don’t worry. We have plenty of them in Texas, but that weird mechanical noise they make is an annoying sound. Your shots of them are fabulous though!

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  2. They eat trash because there aren’t enough cornfields to scavenge, but they have declined hugely in number from around 200 million to 73 million and that is just in the past few years. At this rate, they will be gone in five years — or very rare, They not only need food (and leftover human food isn’t really the best food for them), but they also need somewhere to nest and we keep cutting down the woods. We aren’t starving our birds. We are destroying their natural habitat. They don’t breed and they die off.

    It’s not just grackles. It’s ALL birds. FIFTY BILLION in 50 years and still counting. Multi millions every years. That’s a lot of birds. At least we’ll always have pigeons.

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