Sad news…



You might have read about it, because many other bloggers have already reported the sad, sad news.

Last night we have lost a member of the Word of the Day Challenge team. Melanie, from Sparks From a Combustible Mind, passed away, leaving behind her many many friends from our little community.

Melanie has been co-hosting with Kristian and I, for the past two years.

You can leave a message directly to her, in the comment section of her last post.

Melanie, may you now rest in peace… Your big heart and strong opinions will be missed!

26 thoughts on “Sad news…

    1. It really is, Nova. We all wish we’d never have to share this kind of news, but it is heartwarming to see how many bloggers are expressing their sadness today. It shows how much she was loved…

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  1. Oh no, I’m sorry to hear that. It’s sad indeed, I had no idea she was even sick, if she was. Maybe it was sudden? In any case, may she Rest In Peace. She will be missed! πŸ˜•πŸ™

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    1. She certainly will be missed dearly. I know that she had health issues, and had spent some time in a hospital recently, but I didn’t seem life-threatening at the time. I don’t have much details about her last days, but it seems like she went down pretty suddenly, and that the doctors made sure that she passed away very peacefully. I really hope so. Thank you for your kind words, Kim. xx

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    1. She certainly was, Caramel. And I am just as shocked.
      I am so thankful that her friend left the comment on her last post to let us all know… At least she left in peace, and I hope she realized what she meant to us.


    1. I feel like you, Larry. I knew her, though we weren’t super close. But I remember when she came to Skypy Fridays, and she always had something interesting to bring to the conversation. May she rest in peace now.


    1. And I am sad to share this kind of news, Anne. But on the positive side, I am glad that we know, and that she didn’t just stop blogging without us knowing what happened. The number of posts reporting her passing just shows how much she means to the blogging community, and I think that’s the least we can do to honor her colourful spirit!


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