Drum roll…

  Dear fellow wordsmiths, I'd like to start this post by thanking each and everyone of you, who have been following the Word of the Day Challenge blog so far. You, who have been on board since the beginning and you, who have just recently joined us. You, who post almost daily, linking your words to … Continue reading Drum roll…



  Hello fellow wordsmiths! I thought I'd let you in on some changes that have been added to our blog. As you know, the Word of the Day Challenge has been created for you, and your feedback is greatly appreciated, and helpfull in making everyone's experience better! It has been brought to my attention that … Continue reading News!

Who wants to play? (last call!!)

  Dear fellow wordsmiths, With the start of the year, I had an idea to invite you to play with words in a different way. Not a "new" way, per say, since it is a writing game that goes back to the 1920s, and I have not invented anything. But if you follow my personal … Continue reading Who wants to play? (last call!!)

25,000 times Thank you!

  Dear fellow wordsmiths, As the Earth is completing its first spin around for 2019, I want to take a minute and thank you for the past seven months! As some of you know, Dee came up with the idea to create the Word of the Day Challenge blog, when WordPress came up with the news … Continue reading 25,000 times Thank you!

New Milestone – 500 times “Thank you”

  Dear fellow wordsmiths, Just a quick note to tell you that yesterday we recieved the following exciting milestone notice.     I'm sure Dee, Kate and Kristian join me into thanking you all for the constant support since the creation of this blog, just a little over two months ago. Time does fly by, and it … Continue reading New Milestone – 500 times “Thank you”