Happy Birthday!!

  Who would have thought... Exactly a year ago, WordPress was letting the Daily Prompt go, and the Word of the Day Challenge was taking off! Four bloggers, from all around the globe, who teamed up to offer an alternative site where any writer could come and seek a little bit of inspiration. It was … Continue reading Happy Birthday!!

Bye bye September!

  Hello fellow wordsmiths! Yes, September is now over, and today we celebrate the beginning of our fifth month with the Word of the Day Challenge! Four months have gone by already! That's 122 words of the day, 10 art pieces from our lovely collaborator Kira, and 5 photo prompts to try to inspire you. And … Continue reading Bye bye September!

New Milestone!

  Hello fellow wordsmiths! Another day, another milestone for your Word of the Day Challenge website... This Sunday, the total of members of the challenge officially reached the first hundred! How exciting!! Only fourty five days into our new journey, and already a hundred people gathered to share daily thoughts and feelings and artwork. By going through … Continue reading New Milestone!