About us

The Word of the Day Challenge is the work of four of us, fellow bloggers. Dee first talked about doing it, and soon, Kristian proposed to help her. Then Cyranny joined in, and Kate followed! The team was complete…

Blogging from the U.S., U.K., Canada and Australia, our quartet worked hard to bring this alternative challenge, after the final breath of WordPress’ Daily Post.

We thought you might want to get to know us a little better!



Writing has been a lifelong passion of mine, however until February 2018 I “wrote” my pieces primarily inside my head, rarely taking the time or the risk to put it in print. When I began my blog I struggled with what to write and finding my voice. I was so hung up on trying to write what I thought I should write that my posts lacked heart.

When I found the word of the day everything changed. The word prompt allowed me to clear my mind about anything except that one word because it was that word that I was supposed to be writing about. And beautiful things developed. I’m excited to be able to share this with others.

My blog is now a place where I practice writing. There is a mixture of fiction and non fiction. Sometimes there’s a message but I hope in each of them you will also find passion. Because if nothing else, I’m passionate about writing.


I am a novice blogger having only started in March 2018, but I am loving it. I have been writing stories mainly but also poems for the past twenty years but have only recently plucked up the courage to share them with others. My blog is called Tales from the mind of Kristian, which pretty much sums up what you’ll find if you visit. I was born and bread in the UK and live not many miles away from London. I am quite well travelled and I often post pictures I have taken of the places I have been to.


I started blogging two and a half years ago. My Cove is some sort of “convenience blog” where you can find a little of everything; personal stories, fiction, poetry, humor, pictures… Although on some kind of break for the moment being, I’ll be helping my teammates with this challenge weekly, and you are most welcome to visit my site and scroll down my archives a bit. With my 2300+ posts, you’ll most likely find something you’ll enjoy!

On a personal note, I live in Québec, Canada… French is my primary language, but I mostly speak Silly. I don’t take myself seriously, I am a dreamer and a (desperate, right Kate? lol) romantic. I have a running imagination, and a passion for words. Oh! Yeah, you might have been warned already… I love Denmark and everything Danish! (e-ve-ry-thing!)


Am passionate about community issues such as environment, violence and connection. Enjoy supporting fellow bloggers mostly by reading and commenting as time permits but also use my second blog to interview them. If my posts inspire or challenge then my prose and photography have a reason. Am not sure if I have a SOH or am just plain odd …

Much thanks to my fellow team members for helping to write this as I seldom write about me as I can’t imagine people are really interested.


12 thoughts on “About us

    1. Hehehehe, I know what you mean… And I really hope to get back to that fun soon myself! Thank you for stopping by and leaving this kind note… I think I can talk for us four when I say that we gladly work to bring people together and share all kinds of thoughts and ideas… It is heart warming to see people gathering, little by little, and thank you again for being part of it! If you enjoy your experience, our work is done 🙂 xx

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  1. I have been away for a while and did not realise the DailyPost was no longer. I will be supporting this challenge as long as photography is allowed. My writing….well little would be achieved if I relied on writing. Looking forward to the challenges.

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    1. Hey there 🙂 Welcome to the Word of the Day Challenge!! Of course, photography is allowed! I love photography blogs, and I can’t wait to see your interpretation of our daily prompts!!

      Have a lovely day/evening!! xx


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