Rules and tips



The Word of the Day Challenge has been created to give any blogger in need of a little inspiration a daily prompt to ponder about.

There are no rules.

Now that we got that covered, here are some tips that might come in handy, especially for new bloggers.


Creating pingbacks:

As you might already know, the way to share your own posts is to create a “pingback”. If you are not familiar with pingbacks, you can find the instructions here.

It was brought to our attention that some bloggers had created pingbacks that ended up not showing in the comment section of the Word of the Day Challenge blog. After a discussion with WordPress’ technical support, and some investigation on the matter, no precise explanation was found for the glitch.

But the following tips were provided, to make sure pingbacks work, as expected.


  1. When writing post, make sure to add the pingback link to the post before publishing (i.e. try not to publish, then come back and add the pingback on the word).
  2. Also, avoid using tags that have special characters on the posts, for example avoid quotations, and the pound symbol on tags.
  3. Limit tag and category usage to no more than 15 items combined. (Just good practice in general because the Reader will filter out posts using more than 15 tags and categories (combined) as an anti-spam measure.)


Getting post notifications by email:

The easiest way to get your daily notification by email is by simply visiting our main page, and using the widget added to our sidebar.

If, however, you have any trouble subscribing through the widget, here is a manual way to activate the email notifications.

– click on ”Reader”
– click  on ”Manage” beside ”Followed sites”
– find our blog in the list
– click on ”Setting” on the right
– activate ”Email me new posts”


If you experience any trouble on our blog, or have any ideas you’d like to suggest, please take a minute, and leave us a little note via our “Contact” page!




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